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The road to 8 figures: what, how, who

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Here’s a simplified framework of how you get to 8 figures in revenue by JK Molina (Co-founder Tweethunter) shared on the Danny Miranda Podcast.

  • You get from 0 to 6 figures by focusing on what: What are you doing to make money? Focus on it, and do more of it.

  • From 6 to 7 figures, you get there by focusing on how: How do you do the ‘what’, and how can you implement leverage to scale it?

  • Going from 7 to 8 figures, you focus on the who: Who do you hire to do the ‘what’ & ‘how’ better than you ever could?

In short:
- Do more (what)
- Leverage (how)
- Hire (who)

Watch the clip here.

Don’t try to build an 8-figure business with 5-figure habits
- JK Molina’s coach

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