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How to make offers so Good people feel Stupid saying no

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How to create an offer so good that your potential customers feel stupid to say no?

What Founder doesn’t want that?!

Alex Hormozi (Founder of Acquisition.com) shares 5 lessons for a ‘grand slam offer’ in his book '$100m offers’.

I’m highlighting one of them: The Value Equation.

Next time you’re creating an offer, use this framework to maximize your value:

  1. Dream outcome: What the prospect wants.

  2. Perceived likelihood of achievement: How does the customer know it will happen?

  3. Time delay: How long will it take?

  4. Effort and sacrifice: What does the customer have to do?

  5. Value: How much the customer is willing to pay.

In a perfect world, you deliver a product or service that achieves exactly what a customer wants, guaranteed, overnight, and with no effort on their end.

Alex Hormozi

Want to learn more about the value equation and the other lessons?

This video breaks them down perfectly (or read the book):

  1. Riches is in the niches

  2. Grand slam, not a race to the bottom

  3. Value equation

  4. Sell to emotions, not logic

  5. How to craft your own grand slam offer

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