The Flywheel for Life

1% Founder

Today I’m not sharing a framework from a well-known founder.

Instead, I’m sharing a framework I conceptualized myself during today’s run.

A framework that keeps you going.

The Flywheel of Life

The idea is that creating sparks a goal, and having a goal sparks creating.

For example:

Creating content in 2014 sparked my goal to have a YouTube channel with 1,000 subscribers. Reaching that goal sparked a new goal of one day reaching 100,000 subscribers. To reach that goal, I kept creating. During my journey to 100,000 subscribers, I fell in love with creating businesses. So that sparked a new goal, and once I reached 100,000 subscribers, I switched focus which resulted in having a new goal and creating new things.

You see?

I believe it's an endless cycle that engages you for a lifetime.

As long as you have a goal, you will create, and as long as you're creating, you will come up with a goal to create for.

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