48 Pieces of advice for Founders

1% Founder

Justin Welsh shared every piece of advice he could think of after 4 years of entrepreneurship (he’s doing $3M+ in revenue running a portfolio of businesses with 0 employees).

These are the top 10 tips he shared (according to me):

  • Pessimists are often right, and optimists are often wealthy.

  • The best entrepreneurs know how to teach themselves.

  • You learn 100x more by trying than by reading about someone else.

  • You go 10x faster by supporting people, not tearing them down.

  • Stop reading 50+ business books. Just get started.

  • Assume you can learn something from everyone.

  • Your business heroes are regular people who took action.

  • You don't need meditation and sunlight. You need action.

  • Systems beat motivation & discipline every time.

  • You're a lot less clever than you think you are. Be clear.

Read all 48 tips here.

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