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3 Methods to niche down your business

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The #1 reason why solopreneurs never get traction with their online business is that they aren’t focused on a specific customer.

Here are 3 methods from Justin Welsh, who earns $2,000,000+ per year as a solopreneur, to help you pick a niche:

  1. Choosing a sub-niche from a broad audience:

    - Broad audience → niche → sub-niche
    - Athletes → runners → marathon runners

  1. Choosing a sub-niche by product or service

    - Broad service → niche → sub-niche
    - Coaching → Leadership coaching → Leadership coaching for female entrepreneurs

  1. Creating your own ‘niche of one’

    A niche of one is a unique combination of skills and interests rolled into one idea and then distributed through highly creative or technical content.” - Justin Welsh

How to create your ‘Niche of one’ in short:

  1. Skill - Something you excel at

  2. Interest - Something you’re passionate about

  3. Idea - A combination of your skill and interest

  4. Distribution - The content you put out

  5. Audience - The outcome of distribution

  6. Product - The outcome of audience

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